Indie night is a weekly film festival that aims to elevate the craft of artists while giving them an opportunity to showcase their films and network with other new an established industry creatives from all over the globe. 

Indie Night On Demand premieres the best independent films every Saturday, connecting filmakers and audiences from every cornier of the world through a virtual theater experience. From the comfort of their home, viewers can watch amazing movies and by independent creatives of every background while filmakers are given a chance to promote their work and participate in profit sharing. There are talented people creating great films every day and it's indie night's mission to give these filmmakers the exposure they need to achieve success in the entertainment industry. 

Dave Brown was a fan of the monthly short film showcase by Doboy Dozens and had aspirations to produce a similar showcase to fill  n the void left its absence. Indie Night officially opened at the elegant Xen Lounge. The film and media showcase took place under the stars in studio city, Ca on the patio of the venue. Often described as the new dinner theater experience, guests can eat and drink while enjoying films of independent artists. Attendees range from Actors, Directors, Producers, Writers, Composers, Casting Directors and Film School Students.